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Eric Stanis – Phoenix Exteriors – Immediate 40% Increase in Revenue

Learn how Eric and his team got control of his business to put him into a position to work on it instead of in it and how processes and systems empowered his team to succeed.

Chris Billings – Billings Construction Group – How I became a better leader.

Learn how Chris became a better leader of his business and team by incorporating the coaches at Contractor Coach PRO into his business strategy.

Adam Buttorff – Renown Roofing and Construction – How Contractor Coach PRO transformed my business

Learn how Adam invested in his business to make the changes they needed to grow and succeed.

Geremiah Gilliland – Good Roofing Company – How Contractor Coach PRO changed my business and life!

Learn how Geremiah got control of his life and his business to cut through the noise and chaos to grow in his business, home life and spiritual life.

Core Contractors – One of the best decisions I made for my business back in 2013!

We started at the beginning and built value statements and processes that have been the foundation of our business and continued success in the industry.

Brian Sorensen – Sorensen Roofing & Exteriors – CCP fine tuned our business and processes to make us a well oiled machine!

We wanted to grow but it was imperative to grow the right way and be prepared for all that comes with growth, our partnership has been invaluable to our success.

Adam Sabel – Redemption Roofing – We doubled our revenue thanks to CCP!

If growth and longevity are your goals, Jim Johnson and CCP are the partners for you. They have been instrumental in our growth and success.

Ronald Lamy – United Contractors Roofing – We have seen a growth factor of about 250% over the past 2 years!

Amazing to have someone on your team who does what he says he Is going to do. Jim and his team are great, always innovating, and helping us grow and overcome.

One of the best investments I have ever made for my business!

CCP has made my business better and helped grow the culture we want at our company. He has also become a great friend and mentor and is a great resource when things pop up from time to time.

Scott Edwards- Mammoth Contracting – One year into it and we are ecstatic.

 They helped us to set up systems to manage our explosive growth and taught us how to work on our business not in it! What a great program! Best investment to date not only in our business but in ourselves

Pate G. Smith – MMA-PLLC – From one professional to another, Jim’s your guy!

Jim’s professionalism, strategies and his roots based in contracting, sales, marketing and software, will help you get to where you want to be without a doubt.

MMA-PLLC – Looking for more than a business coach?

Jim Johnson and his team at CCP are hands down the top coaching, growth and development team in the industry.

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