ContractorCoachPRO Road Show – Chicago

When: December 4, 2018
Where: Marriott | 1401 West 22nd Street | Oak Brook, IL 60523
Price: $749

Description: Sponsored by CertainTeed. Jim Johnson – Head Coach at ContractorCoachPRO will present a full day Master Class for Contractors on the following topics: Leadership to Drive Sales, and How to Recruit, Hire, and Train a Winning Sales Team.

Leadership to drive sales

  • Designing a Sales Vision

  • Creating and Implementing a Winning Sales Culture

  • How to Share Your Sales Vision to Gain Buy-In

  • How to Set Standards to Drive Sales Production

  • Creating Measurements for Accountability

  • How to Execute Winning Reviews

  • Designing Contests and Incentives that Increase Sales

Recruit, Hire, and Train a Winning Sales Team

  • Recruiting is Marketing, Hiring is Sales

  • The Attributes and Skills of Your Ideal Candidate

  • Writing Recruiting Ads to Target the Ideal Candidate

  • Making the Cut With Phone Interviews and Questionnaires

  • Interviewing That Prevents Hiring Mistakes

  • Evaluating Your Candidates

  • The Phone Call to Hire

  • How to Onboard with a Bang!

  • Providing the Right Tools for Sales Success Creating a Game Changing Training Program

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Patrick Oliverio
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Landon Wrinkle

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